Leadership, Social
Activism and Teaching


Sing-Along Messiah

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Leadership, Social Activism and Teaching

Through a vast range of activities, Daniel Taylor works to affirm access to important community events and believes in equality of opportunity, partnering with artists, not-for-profit organizations, politicians and educators to bring forward the benefits of music and the arts for our health and culture.

Across the country, in a variety of key relationships, Daniel Taylor guides the work of major arts institutions, encourages the creation of projects featuring old and new repertoire, and mentors artists at the beginning of and throughout their careers. Opera Canada commented that ‘Daniel Taylor shepherds the elite selected from only the finest and most promising singers’ while Broadwayworld.com noted ‘As a Professor at the University of Toronto, Taylor is known for his advocacy for social justice, within and outside the University, including his work for the disabled.’
In addition to a remarkable performing career, Daniel Taylor leads educational events across the world. His masterclasses at venues such as the Guildhall School of Music, the University of Vienna, the Beijing Conservatory, McGill University, Oberlin Conservatory, the University of Manitoba, the Royal College of Music, the Victoria Conservatory, the Royal Academy of Music, from Helmut Rilling’s Academy in Stuttgart to the Carmel Bach Festival, from South America to Cuba to Africa, have established Daniel Taylor’s enviable reputation as a sought-after inspiring guide to artists of all ages. Recently, Daniel Taylor was appointed Professor of Opera, Voice and Early Music and Head of Historical Performance at the University of Toronto.

Daniel Taylor comments: “The search for the meaning of spirituality in this life is the foundation – the cornerstone on which artistic expression is built. Everything we do matters and to become artists and better humans requires discipline, vulnerability and honesty. My students, my colleagues, my friends and my audience know that I am their ally and companion on this journey.

This is a transformative experience that allows authentic artistry and our voice to live within and beyond the architecture. Truth and possibility remain before us. Our belief, our passion and our love inform our direction. Studying singing requires reference points that are in the here and now. In our collaborative work together, through lessons, masterclasses and through experiential learning all offered in a supportive environment, we are taken into the heart of the song, finding the courage to embrace the joy and the sorrow.

Understanding the mechanics is key and from there we really do have to move on – we develop our power, we begin to realize our creative potential, we explore and serve the score, the composer and the harmony – and with the text we discover our freedom. We are here to provide comfort, solace, peace and understanding to the world.